NoiseWave IX “TœrnToGotland”


NoiseWave IX “TœrnToGotland” (2015)
made with code (processing)
vector 4 print








NoiseWave IIX


NoiseWave IIX (2015)
made with code (processing)
vector 4 print










a square out of 8 stripes within an iterating X Y matrix.
deviding down by 2 on 5-9 layers, with randomness in number, size, rotation, color and on/off state.
each repetition of the process results in one iteration, which is used as the starting point for the next iteration.
different mouse- & keyboard input values are used for designing the layered image build up. Details »



ITERATION (ovl), 2014-15
realized with processing
vector for print (unpublished)


ISO cube


ISO cube (02), 2014-15
15 cm
realized with code (processing, based on volumeutils by toxi) and different freeform modeling.
printed via makerbot, casted into brass




nugget (04)

nugget (87698)

nugget (04), 2014-15
30 cm height
realizes with code (processing), based on volumeutils by toxi
printed via makerbot (2 parts), casted into brass



magnetic twist


magnetic twist (199, 24, 12, 55, 1910)  2014-15
25 -45 cm height, PLA print

magnetic twist sculpture work series  is algorithmically modeld and printed in PLA, using makerbot replicator2.

brickWarp (III) 2015



yet another surprising programming error result;
layering two different warps over each other,
with different color maps and different x-, y-noise values + some random holes, to fork into one another…

vector for print / made with code (processing) Details »

noisewave V


noisewave V, 2014-15 – another perlin noise based generative work series,
noise based rotating square shapes within a distorted linear row/column matrix.
using different color arrays forking into each other.
vector for print, made with code (

Details »



using perlin noise to generate a bezier row matrix
vector for print
inspired by diana lange “homage à Long lost drawing”

made with code (
Details »




using perlin noise to generate an XY dot matrix, reading out layered image color maps with  either random distortion of color and/or appearance.

made with code (
Details »