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10 selected works out of StarGrid series (2017-2019)
hires image for print
7500 x 5400 pixel, good for print up to 60 x 50 cm at 300 dpi,  or 120 x 100 at 150 dpi, which is perfect for this size!

who has not had this fascinating experience; suddenly finding oneself outside of the cities under this incredibly full starry sky!
the StarGrid work series has been with me for a long time. many different versions have emerged over the years, some are denser and more delicate, while others are more colorful and rather reminiscent of pop art or flower beds than stars.
it can certainly be considered an open concept, whatever is associated with it…, just for the sheer joy of abstract art.






hires image
NFT drop @ OBJKT


NFT drop

my first and so far only one NFT drop on OBJKT  / Tezos

is less intended for bidding unique works, but rather for hires printing. so each is offered as an edition of 10. the NFT holder can realize a one-off print.

these works contain an immense amount of little vectors, so rendered to large output and printed like 1meter till 2 meters reveals the fine structure, which is not really seen on monitor resolution.



the STAR-GRID series consists of a X Y axis grid of bezier vector-curve stars, forming a pattern of irregular shapes using different predefined color arrays and random values.

a separate vector curve class defines all vector properties such as color, transparency and/or stroke weight. to later position them within different grid arrays.

over the time i coded apps for building up painting like images, using many different keyboard commands for size, color, count, density, transparency and/or count of the star rays…