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100x NFTs
made with code (processing), file format: mp4 4k, 9 seconds loop  

reminiscent of radar scanning beams, write and read processes, circulating data discs, …
the “RadarScope” work series plays with a variaty of visual inspirations.

there’s the underlying radiating structure, creating a star or burst like expressive energy that stretches across and divides the entire screen. it stands for power and emotion.

the overlying ring structure represents reason, it subdivides and arranges, imprinting rhythm and information.
the smaller ring structures act as a fractal breakdown representing both encoding and disintegration.






100 x video loop

@ brightmoments

secondary market: OpenSea

April 8th  2022

Kraftwerk Berlin

presented on 65 4k Samsung NFT Frame screens / live minting via vintage control room

spinning and pulsating animation patterns are created by different motions in the hue, saturation and/or brightness channel,
expressing the vibes of a certain kind of cyber-punk nostalgia, retro neon signs, radar scanners or whatever you see in it


compass sector spin turn pan rotate revolve pivot swivel hub swing zone extent scale range outline limit bound ring radius reach axis area latitude play clearance margin leeway spread sweep stretch gamut ambit span compass field sector zone spectrum horizon stretch orbit limit domain data input output return fact shape border edge verge marge fringe rim margin body faction branch section vortex swirl burst star orb circle ring blow bang pull push pop cycle circuit form sync round disc hoop dash bout wheel revolve twist shoot truss clutch mass knot group model nest swarm flock bundle nest cast bearing glitch math ghost shadow hack collapse matrix jolt thrust flicker blink glint glimmer wink flash flare shine dance sparkle gleam glitter beam rhythm cadence impulse momentum impetus impulsion vital nervous energy elevation cutout vortex information splendid way oscillator reflex redux blinky stray sphere

svgWaVyScApE 4
svgWaVyScApE 3