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Unfolding Silently 1

based on differently layered perlin noise structures, Unfolding Silently is an abstract series of works reminiscent of a nordic landscape type.

i grew up in a suburb of mittweida, a foothills area with a gently rolling hilly landscape, with many small forests and lakes interspersed with farmland.
as children we were often out and about in this beautiful area, built huts, drove around on forest paths on mopeds and later met at lakes as teenagers.

this surrounding area of my childhood certainly influenced me and when i started playing around with perlin noise structures, it didn’t take long for the first landscape-like structures to appear.


Unfolding Silently 1




generative app
made with processing
image and vector output

NFT drop

upcoming NFT drop
spring/summer, 2023 
will be announced in time

around 2016 the first “noiseScape” series was created, which has left behind a growing group of works through countless changes and further developments.


unfolding silently 1 & 2
are the very last versions, which have again developed away from a more natural resemblance to a more abstract design language.

these works contain an immense amount of little vectors, so rendered to large 300dpi output and printed like 1meter till 2 meters reveals the fine structure, which is not really seen on monitor resolution.

i’ve been making different printing tests on different materials and sizes.

svgWaVyScApE 1
svgUnfolding Silently 2