one of my latest e-pastel series was influenced by the minimalist beauty of mazandaran kilims.
while trying to simulate the fabric structure using processing code, many unexpected offers were found and finally the entire project ended in an independent new work group.
i use the subtitle “
MZNDRN” without vocals just allegorical, as a reference to my first inspiration.






generative app
made with processing
image and vector output

another approach is the inaccuracy/disintegration structure; the principle of having a theoretical idea, but a pretty imperfect realization or decay over time. in a way that we often encounter in life. 

the most diverse formats were explored; square, upright, horizontal and also round and oval shapes

these works contain an immense amount of little vectors, so rendered to large 300dpi output and printed like 1meter till 2 meters reveals the fine structure, which is not really seen on monitor resolution.

i’ve been making different printing tests on different materials and sizes.

svgUnfolding Silently 2
svgWaVyScApE 2