Responsiveness: use “r” key to redraw active form & color set to generate different variations of it. (click first into the image to activate it)

I like systems that show a simple logic and/or a beautiful construction principle but at the same time have disturbances or imperfections or certain signs of change.

A bit like in life; you have a plan or an idea but it turns out differently and over the years time is weaving a carpet out of all the planned and unplanned events, you can see what a pattern it has, but on closer inspection there are many inconsistencies and strange places, which might make no sense at first glance, but when you finally look at the entire carpet it’s like a painting. it might touch you, unprepared, what initially seemed rather flawed has finally become an individual feature, something you’ll really like after all. you couldn’t even think of having it only after plan and concept, that might look really simple, if not even boring…

mixed and overlaid with white and grayscale palettes. when some remaining colorful structures shine through, sometimes, this reminds me of thawing snow in spring, when yellow and green grasses and early bloomers, or lost toys or trash suddenly appear.

i’m planning to release these works as on-chain NFT drops
but also, some selected works for print as shown here…
they are based on vector data, so they are infinitely scalable.





generative app
made with p5js

NFT drop

on-chain mint on Base
curated during on-chain summer

The work group “fractal tapestries” has been with me for quite a while now. more than 10 years ago I started to deal with grid structures and their disruption or dissolution using code. based on the teachings by Daniel Shiffman in “The Nature Of Code / 8.2 Recursion”, I’ve been developing over the years hundreds of 2D recursive pattern. mainly the principle of the square division has accompanied me until now. Beginning at minimal structures, things later became more and more complex. many if else conditions nesting into each other, many for loops calling all sorts of conditions.

I love to randomize things. sometimes only slightly, sometimes even radically; forms are suddenly looking differently or missing out completely, lerp-color gradients interrupt unpredictably, well mixed color schemes are broken up by really strange looking colors which sometimes only appear at one corner! and so on…

a wide variety of color arrays and form classes were called and combined, from extremely colorful to black and white…

svgWaVyScApE - artblocks curated 2023 / Feb.
svgE-PASTEL II (structuring / dissolution)