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September Mond

Published on August 28, 2023 at 18:17

September Mond is the fourth series of about 10 different tree/flower generative art works, which have come together over the last 10 years and will be released on fxhash over the next time (+- until end of 2024).

It will be released on the occasion of the ‘blue supermoon’ — the biggest and brightest full moon of the year.

This project explores a minimalist approach to tree naturalism using a recursive algorithm and includes two traits: a density layer of trees, a for the size of the moon.

Press [s] in live view to download a high resolution png.

Artist notes:
Since I moved to Wandlitz, north of Berlin, in the middle of the “Naturpark Barnim” (, in 2003,
I’ve done a lot of exploring nearby nature. In addition to the beautiful lake and heath landscapes, I fell in love with the wild acacia forests. These strange trees, sometimes more like huge wild grasses, grow so wildly into each other.
Sitting under acacia trees in some full moon warm summer nights inspired the “September Mond” work.

Project link:


September Mond





generative app
made with processing/p5js

NFT drop

on-chain NFT drop

i have never really tried to pursue a pure naturalism, but have always kept the minimalist approach in focus in order to distract as little as possible from the main interest – the composition.
to only have circles and lines as building elements and to reduce the color concept to 3 or 4 basic colors, no color gradients, or at least a little bit within the flowers but with slight deviations?

finally the orange/yellow – dark-blue complementary color scheme did convince me, and to give it a more depth i later added the slight pink to it within the strokes.


many different color versions have emerged over the years. also formats have been explored in all possible directions.

different printing tests on different materials and sizes have been made.

svgRosa Californica