a semi abstract work group that consists of of softly morphing landscape like noise-grids, layered over each other, building up staggered fields out of random color sequences of partly pre-defined color arrays. interspersed with minimalist flower circles sitting on long stalks waving in a swarm like organic soft movement.

i’m planning to release these works as selected on-chain NFT drop






generative app
made with processing/p5js
image and vector output

NFT drop



in order for me to really like a picture, it has to have a balance, a harmony, an inner sound. but at the same time it has to have something that hurts a little bit, something out of balance. in my art work i often try to reach both; emergence and decay, order and chaos.
while working with colors, similar principles follow me; through many attempts i have found out that a scattering pattern based on like 3 main colors usually appears quite balanced, but stays (remains) in the area of a “colored graphic”, but if another color or color group — often strange-looking fourth or fifth color — is added, which might only partially appear, a kind of leap in quality towards what i would describe as “painting”, can happen.
this is also something one could see as another element indicating the endless process.


the most diverse formats were explored; square, upright, horizontal and also round shapes are in the experimental pipeline…