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the circle is definitely the most mysterious and at the same time the most beautiful and stunning form. that pi, the key connection between radius and circumference, is (probabely) infinite and (probabely) without a certain pattern or systematic and that sience could not solve that riddle until today, is really fantastic and says it all. being concious about that or not, i always loved working with circles as long as i remember.


mycelious_machine throws innumerable circles onto the screen, in all sizes and colours, an almost extravagant festival of circles! yes, developing this work gave me great pleasure, i hope that one can feel it!:)






generative app


the circle has also a central meaning in the buddhist tradition of ZEN. the circle which resembles “the great emptyness” is supposed to be the perfect manifestation of the beginning and the end. all contradictions seem to be embedded within it. “it is the symbol of absolut unity and leads therefor to the true emptiness”. “it symbolizes the form- and colorless true nature of all beings, the original countenance before birth”, what is also said about; when you paint it, it’ll be not painted.


based on a circle packing algorithm, mycelious machine uses different data arrays; the layering of several circle packed fillings and the interconnecting beam structure with its own color arrays.